Curriculum Based Programs

The pressure to devote school time to examinable academic subjects has led to the marginalization of non-examinable activities. Although New York State education laws contain explicit guidelines on classroom time for health education - including sex education, information about HIV/AIDS and physical education - there is concern that these goals are not being met (Stringer, 2003). Nationally, too, the amount of school time devoted to physical education is minimal and has declined substantially in the past ten years (Gerberding, et al., 2004). In New York City, efforts are underway to invigorate school-based physical activity and health education programming, with the selection of a single curriculum for each and identification of regional physical education coordinators. The physical activity curriculum includes a fitness report to parents that will allow students and parents to track progress. In aggregate, these data (which include BMI measurements) will allow tracking of program impact.

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