Cytokine Gene Therapy for Genitourinary Cancer

Terry L. Timme, phd, Tetsuo Fujita, md, Hongyu Wang, md, phd, Koji Naruishi, dds, Dov Kadmon, md, Robert J. Amato, do, Brian J. Miles, md, Gustavo Ayala, md, Thomas M. Wheeler, md, Bin S. Teh, md, E. Brian Butler, md, and Timothy C. Thompson, phd


Challenges and Opportunities in Prostate Cancer In situ Cytokine Gene Therapy Cell Mediated Delivery of Cytokine Genes Conclusions


This chapter will discuss the potential for delivery of cytokine molecules using neo-adjuvant/adjuvant gene therapy strategies to achieve antitumor efficacy. It focuses on two approaches for delivery of cytokine genes to achieve effective therapy; in situ delivery using adenoviral vectors also termed "active vaccination," and cell based approaches using specific immune cells modified with cytokine genes. These approaches have potential advantages for prostate cancer therapy and possibly other genitourinary malignancies.

Key Words: Gene therapy; adenoviral vectors; cell therapy; immunostimulatory genes; prostate cancer.

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