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Epithelial cell migration,epithelial sheet movement and eyelid closure

Fig. 13.4 The molecular pathways in the control of mouse epithelial sheet movement and eyelid closure. In the eyelid epithelium, at least two pathways are critical for actin polymerization and epithelial sheet movement: (1) the c-Jun controlled expression of HB-EGF and EGFR, leading to activation of the ERK pathway; and (2) the TGFp/activin-induced MEKK1-JNK pathway, which induces actin polymerization and c-Jun phosphorylation. Both pathways are essential for eyelid closure and they may be connected through transcription factor c-Jun. c-Jun regulated filopodia might be of importance for eyelid fusion. The signaling factors whose ablation or perturbation lead to EOB in mice are boxed, the unknown factors in these pathways are denoted as question marks, the open arrows indicate the pathways or cell functions demonstrated by experimental data and the shaded arrows represent hypothetic pathways that are yet to be established.





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