Section IV The Genome

Chapter 21 Function and Mechanism of Chromatin Boundaries 343

Chapter 22 Heterochromatin and X Inactivation 365

Chapter 23 DNA Methylation Regulates Genomic Imprinting, X Inactivation, and Gene

Expression during Mammalian Development 377

Chapter 24 Comparative Genomics of Tissue Specific Gene Expression 393

Chapter 25 Transcription and Genomic Integrity 409

Chapter 26 Cell Death and Transcription 431

Section V Special Topics

Chapter 27 Pre-mRNA Splicing in Eukaryotic Cells 447

Chapter 28 Genome Organization: The Effects of Transcription-driven DNA Supercoiling on

Gene Expression Regulation 469

Chapter 29 The Biogenesis and Function of MicroRNAs 481

Chapter 30 Transcription Factor Dynamics 493

Chapter 31 Actin, Actin-Related Proteins and Actin-Binding Proteins in Transcriptional Control

Chapter 32 Wnt Signaling and Transcriptional Regulation 519

Chapter 33 Regulatory Mechanisms for Floral Organ Identity Specification in Arabidopsis thaliana

Chapter 34 Transcription Control in Bacteria 549

Chapter 35 Gene Therapy: Back to the Basics 565

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