TAP RNA-binding

Fig.14.5 HEXIMI and Tat share similar arginine-rich RNA-binding domains. (A) The molecule anatomy of the HEXIMI protein. An arginine-rich motif that overlaps with the nuclear localization signal (NLS) near the center of HEXIMI is essential for the direct and specific interaction of HEXIMI with the 7SK snRNA. The C-terminal domain of HEXIMI is required for the interaction with and inhibition of P-TEFb, whereas the N-terminal domain presumably functions as a regulatory domain. (B) The arginine-rich RNA-binding domains of HEXIM1 and Tat are highly homologous to each other. The 7SK-binding motif in HEXIMI has a bipartite structure with the first half showing a near perfect match with the arginine-rich TAR-binding motif in HIV Tat.

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