Dpi Dp2

Fig.12.1 The mammalian E2F protein family.The E2F family is composed of E2Fs 1-7, DPI and DP2. All E2Fs have a conserved DNA binding domain (DBD) and (except for E2F 7) a dimerization domain for binding to DP (Dim). The activating E2Fs 1 -3 contain a cyclin/cdk binding domain (cdk) at the N terminus and a strong activation domain at the C terminus. This activation domain overlaps with the Rb binding domain (Rb) so that binding by Rb masks the activation domain. The repressive E2Fs 4 and 5 also bind the pocket proteins but lack the cyclin/cdk binding domain and have weak transactivation domains. E2F 6 shares only the DNA binding domain and dimerization domain with the rest of the family, while E2F 7 has two conserved DNA binding domains, allowing it to function without DP to form a heterodimer. The DP proteins are distantly related members of the family that share the DNA binding domain and dimerization domain, allowing them to bind to E2Fs.

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