About the Editor Preface

Section I The History

Chapter 01 Transcription: The Never Ending Story 3

Section II The Machinery

Chapter 02 The General Transcription Machinery and Preinitiation Complex Formation 21

Chapter 03 The Dynamic Association of RNA Polymerase II with Initiation, Elongation, and RNA Processing Factors during the Transcription Cycle 49

Chapter 04 General Cofactors: TFIID, Mediator and USA 67

Chapter 05 Chromatin and Regulation of Gene Expression 95

Chapter 06 HATs and HDACs 111

Chapter 07 Structure and Function of Core Promoter Elements in RNA Polymerase II Transcription

Section III The Regulators

Chapter 08 Transcriptional Activators and Activation Mechanisms 147

Chapter 09 Transcriptional Repressors and Repression Mechanisms 159

Chapter 10 STATs in Cytokine-mediated Transcriptional Regulation 175

Chapter 11 Transcriptional Regulation by Smads 185

Chapter 12 The Rb and E2F Families of Proteins 207

Chapter 13 c-Jun: A Complex Tale of a Simple Transcription Factor 219

Chapter 14 HIV Tat and the Control of Transcriptional Elongation 239

Chapter 15 Post-translational Modifications of the p5 3 Transcription Factor 257

Chapter 16 Actions of Nuclear Receptors 273

Chapter 17 NFAT and MEF2, Two Families of Calcium-dependent Transcription Regulators

Chapter 18 Hox Genes 309

Chapter 19 Nuclear Factor-kappa B 321

Chapter 20 The ATF Transcription Factors in Cellular Adaptive Responses 329

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