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S phase, 23

Saponin, detoxification by fungi, 58-59 Saprolegnia, 8, 231 Schizophyllum commune molecular variation, 202 protein secretion, 11, 25, 118 Scutellospora castanea, multiple genomes, 41 Scytalidium thermophilum, in mushroom compost, 146 Segregation pattern, 70, 72, 75 Septoria lycopersici, detoxification of saponin, 59

Senescence alternative pathway of respiration, 220 cytochromes contents in senescing mycelia, 209

discovery of strains, 207 reactive oxygen species, 218 rearrangements in mtDNA, 210, 212 suppressivity, 211 Septation, 14

Septoria lycopersici, saponin detoxification 59 Sexual reproduction conditions, 65 mechanisms, in 117 Spindle pole body, 24-25 Sordaria fimicola, spore discharge 174 Species intraspecies variability, 196 recognition methods, 197-203 Spindle pole body, 24-25 Spitzenkorper, 7-8

Spontaneous combustion, of agricultural products, 147 Sporangiophore, 232

see also conidiophore Spore adhesion, 53 dormancy, 67-68 see fungal pathogens Sporidia, see basidiospore 120 Spore killer elements, 203 Sporotrichum thermophile, cellulose degradation, 184-185 Spore liberation, timing of, 165-174 Sporulation, effect of light 163-164 Straminipila, see also fungal pathogens Symport, 12 System biology, 100

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