Figure 10.7 Contrasting pattern of development of invertase and trehalase activities in Thermomyces lanuginosus. Fungus was grown in a liquid medium containing sucrose as the carbon source. (From Chaudhuri et al. (1999). With permission from Elsevier.)

between 30 and 35°C. The following conclusions can be made from a study of trehalase from these two fungi. (i) Although the upper temperature limit for growth of N. crassa and T. lanuginosus are quite different (40 vs. 60°C), trehalase from both fungi had similar temperature optima for activity (50°C), showing that the temperature optimum of an enzyme may not be not related to the growth temperature of the organisms. (ii) Trehalase of T. lanuginosus and N. crassa are structurally very different proteins (monomer vs. tetramer). (iii) At 50°C, the t1/2 of trehalases is in excess of 6 h. Trehalase from both


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