Ecotype, 65, 203 Electrophoresis, 198-201 Endophytic fungus, 35

Endothia parasitica, chestnut blight fungus, 50 Entrainment, 173

Erysiphe graminis, polymorphism in 199-201 F

Fairy ring, 207

Flow-microfluorimetry, 19

forma specialis, 224

Fruiting body, basidiocarp 16, 17

Fungal individual, test for individualism 3-6

Fungi classification, 224 definition, 223

diversity of habitats, 192-193 favored species in research, 194 largest and oldest living fungus, 3-6 litter decomposing, 179 naming of, 223 number of species, 194 recognition as causal agents of diseases, 65 temperature range of growth, 146 thermophilic fungi, definition 145 thermotolerant fungi, definition 145 special habitats, 192-193 white-rot, 179 Fungi Anamorphici, see also Deuteromycotina, 229 acervulus, 230 conidiophores , 229-230 naming 223 pycnidium, 230 Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici, detoxification of saponin 59

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