Concluding Remarks

A persistent multinuclear condition is a unique feature of fungi. There is as yet no evidence that the multinuclear condition confers an observable advantage of rapid growth rate. Considering that synthesis of a DNA molecule requires chemical energy, the question arises as to why fungi have so many nuclei. Indeed, this question has not received any serious thought or experiment to find an explanation. One possibility could be that the fungi store nitrogen and phosphorus in an organic form (DNA) that is recycled during extension of hypha through nutrient-limited substratum. Among other intriguing questions include: whether all the nuclei are active at any given time; what are the mechanisms involved in migration and positioning of nuclei; how the interaction of genetically dissimilar nuclei that exist in cytoplasmic continuity is affected; what is the influence of the environment in altering nuclear ratios in heterokaryotic mycelium; what is the quantitative effect of nuclei on the phenotype; and what are the mechanisms in the recognition of self and non-self nuclei.

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