Calcium, in hypha, 8-9 Carbon dioxide, requirement for growth, 151 cdc genes, 84

Cell-cell recognition, in mating 117 Cell cycle, 82-84

see also nuclear division cycle Cell wall, structure, 13 Cellulase 155, 182-185 Chitin, 11

Chlamydospore, 48, 119 Chromosome number, 20 rearrangements, 74 separation by pulsed field-gel electrophoresis, 20 Clamp formation, 26 Complementation cloning by, 129 non-allelic, 29 Compost, thermophilic fungi in, 148 Conidiation genes, number of, 110 regulatory pathway, 112-114 trigger, 111 Conidiophore, see also Aspergillus nidulans morphogenesis, 108 regulatory genes, 113 Coprinus sterquilinus in dung, 15 Crossing over, 72 Cyclin, 85

Cytoskeleton, see hypha

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