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Patients with idiopathic constipation with normal bowel diameter have an increased whole-gut transit time. This may be related to an imbalance of enteric transmitter release. For example, VIP levels are reduced in the myenteric plexus and muscle layers of patients with this colonic motility disorder, while levels of SP and NPY are normal (271,272). Disturbances in the function of cholinergic innervation of the taenia coli of the colon have also been reported. 5-HT levels are elevated in circular smooth muscle and mucosa in this disorder but unchanged in preparations containing the plexuses (273). Reduced numbers of SP- and VIP-im-munoreactive nerve fibers in colonic circular muscle have been reported in biopsy samples taken from children with severe intractable constipation (274). Reduced levels of SP have also been reported in the mucosa and in submucosa isolated from rectal biopsies from patients with slow transit constipation showing normal levels of VIP and somatostatin (275). It appears then that disturbances or imbalances of both excitatory and inhibitory elements of intestinal innervation may contribute to bowel motility disorders associated with chronic constipation (128).

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