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Diets for Parkinson Disease

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Associate Professor of Neurosciences Director, Center for Neural Repair University of California-San Diego La Jolla, California

1. Handbook of Parkinson's Disease, edited by William C. Koller

2. Medical Therapy of Acute Stroke, edited by Mark Fisher

3. Familial Alzheimer's Disease: Molecular Genetics and Clinical Perspectives, edited by Gary D. Miner, Ralph W. Richter, John P. Blass, Jimmie L. Valentine, and Linda A. Winters-Miner

4. Alzheimer's Disease: Treatment and Long-Term Management, edited by Jeffrey L. Cummings and Bruce L. Miller

5. Therapy of Parkinson's Disease, edited by William C. Koller and George Paulson

6. Handbook of Sleep Disorders, edited by Michael J. Thorpy

7. Epilepsy and Sudden Death, edited by Claire M. Lathers and Paul L. Schraeder

8. Handbook of Multiple Sclerosis, edited by Stuart D. Cook

9. Memory Disorders: Research and Clinical Practice, edited by Takehiko Yanagihara and Ronald C. Petersen

10. The Medical Treatment of Epilepsy, edited by Stanley R. Resor, Jr., and Henn Kutt

11. Cognitive Disorders: Pathophysiology and Treatment, edited by Leon J. Thai, Walter H. Moos, and Elkan R. Gamzu

12. Handbook of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, edited by Richard Alan Smith

13. Handbook of Parkinson's Disease: Second Edition, Revised and Expanded, edited by William C. Koller

14. Handbook of Pediatric Epilepsy, edited by Jerome V. Murphy and Fereydoun Dehkharghani

15. Handbook of Tourette's Syndrome and Related Tic and Behavioral Disorders, edited by Roger Kurlan

16. Handbook of Cerebellar Diseases, edited by Richard Lechtenberg

17. Handbook of Cerebrovascular Diseases, edited by Harold P. Adams, Jr.

18. Parkinsonian Syndromes, edited by Matthew B. Stern and William C. Koller

19. Handbook of Head and Spine Trauma, edited by Jonathan Greenberg

20. Brain Tumors: A Comprehensive Text, edited by Robert A. Morantz and John

W. Walsh

Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors in Neurological Diseases, edited by Abraham Lieberman, C. Warren Olanow, Moussa B. H. Youdim, and Keith Tipton Handbook of Dementing Illnesses, edited by John C. Morris Handbook of Myasthenia Gravis and Myasthenic Syndromes, edited by Robert P. Lisak

Handbook of Neurorehabilitation, edited by David C. Good and James R. Couch, Jr.

Therapy with Botulinum Toxin, edited by Joseph Jankovic and Mark Hallett

Principles of Neurotoxicology, edited by Louis W. Chang

Handbook of Neurovirology, edited by Robert R. McKendall and William G.


Handbook of Neuro-Urology, edited by David N. Rushton

Handbook of Neuroepidemiology, edited by Philip B. Gorelick and Milton Alter

Handbook of Tremor Disorders, edited by Leslie J. Findley and William C. Koller

Neuro-Ophthalmological Disorders: Diagnostic Work-Up and Management, edited by Ronald J. Tusa and Steven A. Newman

Handbook of Olfaction and Gustation, edited by Richard L. Doty

Handbook of Neurological Speech and Language Disorders, edited by Howard

S. Kirshner

Therapy of Parkinson's Disease: Second Edition, Revised and Expanded, edited by William C. Koller and George Paulson

Evaluation and Management of Gait Disorders, edited by Barney S. Spivack Handbook of Neurotoxicology, edited by Louis W. Chang and Robert S. Dyer Neurological Complications of Cancer, edited by Ronald G. Wiley Handbook of Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction, edited by Amos D. Korczyn

Handbook of Dystonia, edited by Joseph King Ching Tsui and Donald B. Calne Etiology of Parkinson's Disease, edited by Jonas H. Ellenberg, William C. Koller, and J. William Langston

Practical Neurology of the Elderly, edited by Jacob I. Sage and Margery H. Mark

Handbook of Muscle Disease, edited by Russell J. M. Lane

Handbook of Multiple Sclerosis: Second Edition, Revised and Expanded, edited by Stuart D. Cook

Central Nervous System Infectious Diseases and Therapy, edited by Karen L. Roos

Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: Clinical Management, edited by Takehiko

Yanagihara, David G. Piepgras, and John L. D. Atkinson

Neurology Practice Guidelines, edited by Richard Lechtenberg and Henry S.


Spinal Cord Diseases: Diagnosis and Treatment, edited by Gordon L. Engler, Jonathan Cole, and W. Louis Merton

Management of Acute Stroke, edited by Ashfaq Shuaib and Larry B. Goldstein Sleep Disorders and Neurological Disease, edited by Antonio Culebras Handbook of Ataxia Disorders, edited by Thomas Klockgether The Autonomic Nervous System in Health and Disease, David S. Goldstein Axonal Regeneration in the Central Nervous System, edited by Nicholas A. Ingoglia and Marion Murray

Handbook of Multiple Sclerosis: Third Edition, edited by Stuart D. Cook Long-Term Effects of Stroke, edited by Julien Bogousslavsky Handbook of the Autonomic Nervous System in Health and Disease, edited by C. Liana Bolis, Julio Licinio, and Stefano Govoni

Dopamine Receptors and Transporters: Function, Imaging, and Clinical Implication, Second Edition, edited by Anita Sidhu, Marc Laruelle, and Philippe Vernier

57. Handbook of Olfaction and Gustation: Second Edition, Revised and Expanded, edited by Richard L. Doty

58. Handbook of Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery, edited by Michael Schulder

59. Handbook of Parkinson's Disease: Third Edition, edited by Rajesh Pahwa, Kelly E. Lyons, and William C. Koller

Additional Volumes in Preparation Clinical Neurovirology, edited by Avi Nath and Joseph R. Berger

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