Other Soft Tissue Infections

Although not common, sporadic cases and outbreaks of cellulitis, soft-tissue abscesses and rarely extra-cutaneous disease associated with rapidly growing NTM have been documented in healthy individuals. These have occurred in both nosocomial (contaminated surgical or clinical devices contaminated with water) and community settings (contamination of traumatic wounds with soil or water). Recently, outbreaks of cutaneous NTM infection in older children and adults have been linked to nail salon whirlpool footbaths (Winthrop et al., 2002; Gira et al., 2004). Such infections are often insidious and therefore affected individuals may not seek medical attention in the initial stages. Although some resolve without intervention, infection may result in a severe, protracted and potentially scarring furunculosis (Winthrop et al., 2004).

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How To Reduce Acne Scarring

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