Zambonis Solution

1. Indications. General purpose fixative. Allows secondary fixation with osmium, which makes it suitable as a primary fixative for electron microscopy.

2. Composition. Stock solution: 20.0 g paraformaldehyde, 150 mL saturated aqueous (double filtered) picric acid.

Heat to 60°C. After the paraformaldehyde is dissolved, add drops of 2.5% aqueous sodium hydroxide to render the solution alkaline. Filter solution and allow to cool.

Add phosphate buffer to solution to make 1,000 mL. Composition of phosphate buffer: 3.32 g monobasic sodium phosphate (NaH2PO4H2O), 17.88 g dibasic anhydrous sodium phosphate (Na2HPO4), 1,000 mL distilled water.

If the final pH is not 7.3, the value must be adjusted.

3. Procedure and storage. Similar to formalin.

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