The stomach routinely is opened along the greater curvature. Penetrating ulcers or infiltrating tumors are best displayed by fixing and sectioning the stomach together with the pancreas, a portion of the liver, or whatever the infiltrated tissue might be. Tumors with predominantly intraluminal growth and the associated obstruction can be displayed after formalin fixation of the unopened specimen and subsequent dissection. The stomach is inflated with formalin while it is suspended in a formalin bath. Microscopic studies of the mucosa or macroscopic staining methods for intestinal metaplasia (5) often are unsatisfactory because of autolytic changes.

ARTERIOGRAPHY For gastric arteriography, the organs supplied by the celiac artery should be removed en masse. The splenic and hepatic arteries are tied as far distally as possible. A barium preparation is injected through the celiac artery. After injection, the stomach is isolated, opened along the middle of the anterior surface parallel with the longitudinal axis of the organ, spread out on an X-ray plate, and roentgenographed.

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