Frontal or horizontal sections are prepared, by the same principles used for sectioning the liver. Formalin perfusion of the intact organ through the splenic vessels has proved unsatisfactory unless the blood has been previously removed (see below). Some areas tend to remain unfixed. If formalin fixation is intended, care must be taken that the slices are very thin. Fixative does not penetrate well into the splenic pulp. The splenic reticulum is best studied by washing the blood out of the pulp. This also facilitates fixation of the whole organ. The spleen is first perfused through the splenic artery or vein with 0.9% saline. If the injection pressure is about 100 mm Hg, the splenic pulp will turn white after about 1 h. The perfusion is now continued with 10% formalin solution. In some instances it may be useful to fix the organ at more than its normal volume by tying the efferent vessels.

Injection into the celiac artery or directly into the splenic artery is used for splenic arteriography.

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