Removal Of The Lacrimal Gland

The lobulated, bean-shaped lacrimal gland lies in the lateral part of the upper orbit in the hollow of the medial side of the zygomatic process of the frontal bone and is adjacent to the roof (Fig. 7-6). The gland may be obtained either before or after removal of the globe. The lacrimal nerve and artery, which lie in the fat at the junction of the roof and lateral wall of the orbit, may be traced to the lacrimal gland. The concave medial sur face of the gland lies on the superior levator and lateral rectus muscles; these may also be traced to the gland. Curved scissors are used to free the gland from the adjacent muscles and the short fibrous bands that bind it to the orbital margin.

If only a limited autopsy is permitted, a specimen of lacrimal gland may be obtained by inserting a biopsy needle beneath the upper eyelid and aiming it upward and laterally toward this gland.

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