Removal Of Sclera For Transplantation

The same requirements must be met that are used for the retrieval of other tissues for transplantation. Before embalming, the eye is enucleated by either of the methods previously outlined. The enucleated globe is opened immediately and the anterior segment, choroid, retina, and vitreous are removed. As much as possible of the darkly pigmented choroid is removed with the aid of a cotton swab. The remaining sclera is cut into suitable portions for surgical use (halves, quarters, or thirds). Each portion is packaged separately in a plastic bag (Fig. 7-5) and is sterilized by exposure to gamma rays from a cobalt-60 unit (Neutron Products, Inc. Dickerson). After completion of sterilization by this method, one batch of sclera is cultured as a control to check that sterilization has been satisfactory.

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