Preparation Of Specimens

AVAILABLE METHODS The most frequent approach is perfusion fixation (Chapter 4), gross staining, and use of color-preserving fluids (Chapter 14). In rare instances, injection and corrosion techniques still are used for scientific studies and for teaching purposes. Paraffin infiltration of organs and mummification may be useful as methods to prepare dry, low-cost teaching specimens that require almost no maintenance. These and other methods are described below.

REHYDRATION OF MUMMIFIED TISSUES Ifmummified tissues are found in a museum, they can be rehydrated with modified Ruffer's solution (see ref. 4): 3 parts ethyl alcohol, 5 parts aqueous formalin, 2%, 2 parts aqueous sodium carbonate, 5%.

For rejuventaion of old, formalin-fixed specimens, see Chapter 14.

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