Preparation Of Pulmonary Vascular And Bronchial Casts

Polyvinyl Chloride Corrosion may yield excellent instructive casts. Wood's metal, a low-melting alloy of lead, tin, bismuth, and cadmium, also has been used for this purpose. Tissues for histologic study must be secured after plastic injection and before the lung tissue is destroyed by the corrosion. Details of the methods are supplied by the factories that sell the plastic. Principally, the injection methods resemble those used for angiography or bronchography. Again, the lungs should be injected in an inflated state. After the plastic has set, the casts are prepared by chemically dissolving the lungs (generally by immersing them for 1 or 2 d in concentrated hydrochloric acid or a 40% solution of potassium hydroxide).

Latex Injection does not require corrosion. The cast can be studied in relation to the surrounding tissues. Details of the methods again must be obtained from the factories that sell the latex mixtures.

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