LV-I apex LV-PS base LV-S mid RA RAA

RA-TV-RV RV-A base RV-A,L mid RV-I mid RV-PV-PA SN-1

Gastroepiploic artery to LAD

Left internal mammary (thoracic) artery to LAD

LIMA to radial artery segment to LAD

Saphenous vein graft to LAD

Saphenous vein graft to LAD-D1

Saphenous vein graft to LCX

Saphenous vein graft to LCX-OM1

Right internal mammary (thoracic) artery to RCA

Saphenous vein graft to RCA

Saphenous vein graft to RCA-PD

Saphenous vein graft to RCA-PL

Atrial septum

Atrioventricular conduction tissue (first cassette);

AV-2 (second cassette), etc. Left atrial free wall Left atrial appendage

Left atrium, mitral valve, and left ventricle

(one specimen) Left ventricle, aortic valve, and ascending aorta

(one specimen) Inferior wall of left ventricle at apical level Posteroseptal wall of left ventricle at basal level Ventricular septum at midventricular level Right atrial free wall Right atrial appendage Right atrium, tricuspid valve, right ventricle

(one specimen) Anterior wall of RV at basal level (or RVOT, for RV outflow tract) Anterior and lateral walls of RV at midventricular level Inferior wall of right ventricle at midventricular level

Right ventricle, pulmonary valve, pulmonary artery (one specimen) Sinus node (first cassette); SN-2 (second cassette), etc.

aAll abbreviations listed above have 12 or fewer characters, in accordance with automated slide labeling systems that generally allow only 12 characters per line.

For abbreviations for veins, find their arterial counterpart and replace "Artery, Art, or A" with "Vein or V."

Preferred term

Appendix 3-2

Synonyms for Commonly Used Diagnostic Terms in Congenital Heart Disease


Anomalous pulmonary venous connection

Aortopulmonary septal defect

Asplenia syndrome

Atrioventricular discordance

Atrioventricular septal defect

Common inlet right ventricle

Complete transposition of the great arteries

Congenitally corrected transposition of the great arteries Double outlet right ventricle with subpulmonary VSD

Double chamber left atrium Double inlet left ventricle

Double inlet left ventricle with normally related great arteries Extrathoracic heart Inlet VSD Membranous VSD Muscular VSD Outlet or infundibular VSD

Patent ductal artery Persistent truncal artery Polysplenia syndrome Primum ASD

Pulmonary atresia with VSD

RPA or LPA from ascending aorta Secundum ASD Sinus venosus defect Superoinferior ventricles Tricuspid atresia

Twisted atrioventricular connection

Anomalous pulmonary venous drainage or return (not always anatomically accurate). Aortopulmonary window or fenestration; aorticopulmonary window or septal defect. Right isomerism; visceral heterotaxy; Ivemark's syndrome (eponyms should be avoided). Ventricular inversion; L-loop ventricles.

AV canal defect; endocardial cushion defect; AV commune; common AV orifice. Cor biloculare (no longer an acceptable term).

D-transposition; d-loop transposition; simple regular transposition; transposition of the great vessels.

L-transposition; corrected transposition of the great arteries; physiologically corrected transposition. Taussig-Bing heart (eponyms should be avoided).

Subdivided left atrium; triatrial heart; cor triatriatum (a term to avoid).

Single left ventricle; univentricular heart; common ventricle (exceedingly rare); cor triloculare biatriatum (no longer an acceptable term). Holmes heart (eponyms should be avoided).

Ectopic heart; ectopia cordis. Subtricuspid, AV canal, or AV commune VSD. Paramembranous, perimembranous, or infracristal VSD. Persistent bulboventricular foramen.

Subarterial, subaortic, subpulmonary, supracristal, conal, or doubly-committed juxta-arterial VSD.

Patent arterial duct; patent ductus arteriosus; persistent ductus arteriosus. Persistent arterial trunk; truncus arteriosus; truncus arteriosus communis. Left isomerism; visceral heterotaxy. Ostium primum ASD; partial AV septal defect.

Tetralogy with pulmonary atresia (pseudotruncus and type IV truncus are no longer acceptable terms). Hemitruncus (no longer an acceptable term). Ostium secundum ASD, or fossa ovalis ASD. Sinus venosus ASD, Juxtacaval ASD; sinoseptal defect. Over-and-under heart; upstairs-downstairs heart. Single inlet left ventricle; absent right atrioventricular connection. Criss-cross heart.

ASD, atrial septal defect; AV, atrioventricular; d, dextro; l, levo; LPA, left pulmonary artery; RPA, right pulmonary artery; VSD, ventricular septal defect.

Adapted from Edwards (63).

Appendix 3-3

Latin Terms and Their Anglicized Equivalents for Cardiovascular Structures

Latin term (Plural)

Annulus (annuli); anulus (anuli) Aorta (aortae) Atrium (atria)

Chorda tendinea (chordae tendineae)

Conus arteriosus

Cor triatriatum

Cor triatriatum dexter

Crista supraventricularis

Crista terminalis

Ductus arteriosus (ductus arteriosi)

Ductus venosus

Ectopia cordis

Foramen ovale

Fossa ovalis

Inferior vena cava

Infundibulum (infundibula)

Ligamentum arteriosum

Ligamentum venosum

Limbus fossae ovalis, or annulus ovalis

Ostium (ostia)

Ostium primum

Ostium secundum

Patent ductus arteriosus

Patent foramen ovale

Septum (septa, not septae or septi)

Septum primum

Septum secundum

Sinus venosus

Situs ambiguous

Situs inversus

Situs solitus

Superior vena cava

Trabecula septomarginalis

Trabecula carnea (trabeculae carneae)

Truncus arteriosus

Anglicized equivalent (Plural)

Annulus (annuluses), or anulus, or ring Aorta (aortas) Atrium (atriums) Tendinous cord (cords)

Right ventricular outflow tract, or infundibulum

Triatrial heart, or double chamber left atrium

Double chamber right atrium

Supraventricular crest or ridge

Terminal crest or ridge

Ductal artery, or arterial duct

Ductal vein, or venous duct

Ectopic heart, or extrathoracic heart

Oval foramen

Oval fossa

Inferior caval vein

Infundibulum (infundibulums)

Arterial ligament, or ductal artery ligament

Venous ligament, or ductal vein ligament

Limb or rim of the oval fossa

Ostium (ostiums), or orifice

First ostium or orifice

Second ostium or orifice

Patent ductal artery

Patent oval foramen

Septum (septums)

First septum

Second septum

Venous sinus, or sinus vein

Isomerism, or indeterminate sidedness

Mirror-image sidedness

Normal sidedness

Superior caval vein

Septal band, or moderator band


Truncal artery, or arterial trunk

Adapted from Edwards (63).

Appendix 3-4

Eponyms for Surgical Procedures for Congenitally Malformed Hearts


Description of procedure

Cardiovascular anomalies

Blalock-Hanlon shunt

Partial atrial septectomy (posterosuperior region).

Complete TGA with intact ventricular septum.

Blalock-Taussig shunt

Subclavian-to-pulmonary artery (classic: end-to-side

Conditions with decreased pulmonary blood flow

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