Kaiserlings Solutions

1. Composition.

a. Kaiserling I: 85 g potassium acetate, 45 g potassium nitrate (KNO3), 4,800 mL formalin solution (3-4%).

b.Kaiserling II: ethyl alcohol, 80-95%.

c. Kaiserling III: 200 g potassium acetate, 300 mL glycerin, 900 mL tap water.

2. Procedure. Fix specimen for 1-5 d in Kaiserling I. Fixation time will vary with the thickness of the organ. Excessive perfusion with Kaiserling I solution causes loss of natural color because too much blood is rinsed out. Transfer to Kaiserling II for a few hours. Acid hematin will turn into alkaline hematin, which approximates the color of hemoglobin.

3. Mounting. Use Kaiserling III solution.

MODIFIED KAISERLING'S SOLUTION AFTER LUNDQUIST (6) This method was developed to avoid the use of alcohol which tends to add to the stiffening and contraction of the specimens.

1. Composition.

a. Kaiserling I: 200 g potassium acetate, 45 g potassium nitrate (KNO3), 80 g chloral hydrate, 444 mL formalin 4,000 mL tap water.

2. Procedure. Suspend the specimen in 10-20 times its volume of fluid. Just after the fixation is completed (avoid overfixation), wash thoroughly in running water and retrim so that all cut surfaces are resurfaced. Transfer to mounting solution for 12 h. Change solution for permanent mounting.

3. Mounting: Kaiserling III: 10 g potassium acetate, 5 g chloral hydrate, 10 mL glycerin, 90 mL tap water.

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