To avoid spilling of bile and the discoloration of organs, the gallbladder usually is removed from its bed intact and opened in a fine-meshed strainer over a collecting vessel. If liver and gallbladder are to be fixed in a block, it is advisable to first remove the bile from the unopened gallbladder with a syringe. Before the tissue block is submerged in the formalin bath, the gallbladder and the extrahepatic bile ducts are partially opened and stuffed with formalin-soaked cotton in order to preserve the normal shape of the structures. The cystic duct is very difficult to dissect because of its numerous folds.

Gallstones sometimes can be cut fresh but often need a 24-h fixation period in concentrated formalin to harden them sufficiently. If the stones are too hard to cut, a fine scroll saw may be needed to prepare an instructive cut surface.

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Get Rid of Gallstones Naturally

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