Eyes Containing An Intraocular Prosthesis

(IOL) It is recommended that such specimens are opened in the coronal plane. The anterior segment is processed as a whole. Chloroform, as a clearing agent, will dissolve the plastic prosthesis and other plastic substances such as a scleral buckle or a Molteno shunt. The paraffin-infiltrated specimen is then trisected to display the position of the hapics that have anchored the prosthesis within the eye. All pieces sectioned are embedded. The posterior portion of the globe is sectioned in the horizontal plane.

STAINING PROCEDURES Routine stains include hematoxylin and eosin and the periodic acid Schiff reaction. The latter gives adequate examination of Descemet's membrane, the lens capsule, Bruch's membrane, and other materials with CHO groupings such as glycogen.

PREPARATION FOR ELECTRON MICROSCOPY The eye is opened immediately upon removal from the body and the specimen is placed promptly into a 3% solution of glutaralde-hyde. With the aid of the dissecting microscope, sections that are 2 mm square, are cut from the area selected for examination.

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