Equipment In The Autopsy Room

We use a modified and shielded autopsy room as shown in part in Fig. 12-2. A Machlett Super Dynamax Tube (1-mm and 2-mm focal spots) has been installed. We are using a Picker X-ray table. A 300-mA Keleket machine (140-kV generator) is in an adjacent room. Films are processed in a small darkroom with a Kodak RP X-OMAT processor, which permits one to monitor injection procedures by reviewing films while the injection is still under way.

We are using this facility for chest roentgenography before most autopsies, for roentgenographic surveys in medicolegal cases, and occasionally for in situ angiographic or other studies. In the last case, the autopsy or parts of the autopsy are done on the X-ray table. Most angiographic or cholangiography studies are carried out on isolated organs such as heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, or brain.

The modifications of an autopsy room with shielding and new installations may be forbiddingly expensive. However, less elaborate setups are available. For years we worked with an old transportable Keleket machine and had satisfactory results. In order to bring the cassette into proper position, we used a special sturdy rack, on which bodies' autopsies could be done. It con sisted of an aluminum frame with channels at the inside, for sliding cassettes back and forth, and a top layer of X-ray Bakelite (Fig. 12-3).

If X-ray equipment is used by the autopsy service, the facilities and procedures must be reviewed and approved by a radiation safety officer. For the decontamination of X-ray tables, racks, cassettes, and other tools for autopsy roentgenology, the principles apply that are described in Chapter 16.

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