Preface v

Contributors ix

Part I: Autopsy Techniques, Laboratory Procedures, and Data Processing 1

1 Principles of Autopsy Techniques, Immediate and Restricted Autopsies, and Other Special Procedures Jurgen Ludwig 3

2 Medicolegal Autopsies and Autopsy Toxicology

Vernard I. Adams 7

3 Cardiovascular System

William D. Edwards 21

4 Tracheobronchial Tree and Lungs

Jurgen Ludwig 45

5 Esophagus and Abdominal Viscera

Jurgen Ludwig 53

6 Nervous System

Caterina Giannini and Haruo Okazaki 65

7 The Eye and Adnexa

R. Jean Campbell 85

8 Skeletal System

Jurgen Ludwig 95

9 Autopsy Microbiology

Brenda L. Waters 101

10 Chromosome Study of Autopsy Tissues

Gordon W. Dewald 107

11 Autopsy Chemistry

Vernard I. Adams 113

12 Autopsy Roentgenology and Other Imaging Techniques

Jurgen Ludwig 117

13 Autopsy of Bodies Containing Radioactive Materials

Kelly L. Classic 123

14 Fixation, Color Preservation, Gross Staining, and Shipping of Autopsy Material

Jurgen Ludwig and Brenda L. Waters 129

15 Museum Techniques and Autopsy Photography

Jurgen Ludwig and William D. Edwards 137

16 Organization, Maintenance, and Safety Concerns of the Autopsy Service; Tissue Registries;

Interviews With the Next of Kin

Jurgen Ludwig 143

17 Autopsy Documents, Data Processing, and Quality Assurance

Jurgen Ludwig 151

18 Autopsy Law

Vernard I. Adams and Jurgen Ludwig 159

19 The State of Autopsy Practice: An Annotated Bibliography

Jurgen Ludwig 167

Part II: Alphabetic Listing of Diseases and Conditions 169

Jurgen Ludwig with Vernard I. Adams (Medicolegal and Toxicologic cases),

William D. Edwards (Cardiovascular cases),

Caterina Giannini (Neuropathology cases), and Brenda L. Waters (Pediatric and Infectious Disease cases)

Organization of Part II 171

Special Histological Stains 172

Listing 175

Part III: Normal Weights and Measurements

Weights and Measurements

Hagen Blaszyk, Jurgen Ludwig, and William D. Edwards 551

Weights and Measurements in Fetuses, Infants, Children, and Adolescents 553

Weights and Measurements in Adults 567

Index 573

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