Clearing Method After Spalteholz

• Fix specimen in 10% formalin or Kaiserling I solution.

• Dehydrate in changes of 80 and 95% ethyl alcohol for 24 h at each change and in absolute alcohol for 48 h.

• Mount in a glass jar with oil of Wintergreen.

• Seal with the following mixture: Cabinetmakers' glue sticks 80 g; powdered arabic gum 20 g; glycerin 10 g; tap water 150 mL; acetic acid 5 mL; and thymol crystals 0.05 g.

Fixation and clearing of intact fetuses has been accomplished with a mixture of alcohol, potassium carbonate, and potassium hydroxide (3); staining of skeletal structures in the cleared specimen was done with an alizarin solution (see Chapter 14) (3).

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