Cadmium (See "Poisoning, cadmium.")

Calcinosis, Mönckeberg's Medial

Synonyms: Medial sclerosis of arteries; Mönckeberg's arteriosclerosis.

NOTE: This is generally considered an age-related phenomenon that is usually of little clinical consequence, with calcification of the internal elastic membrane and subjacent media. It commonly involves femoral and thyroid arteries.

Calcium (See "Disorder, electrolyte(s).")

Calculi, Renal (See "Nephrolithiasis.")

Canal, Complete Atrioventricular (See "Defect, complete atrioventricular septal.")


Synonyms and Related Terms: Candidosis, moniliasis, thrush.

NOTE: Candidiasis may follow or complicate antibacterial or corticosteroid therapy, cardiac surgery,* dehydration,* diabetes mellitus,* drug (heroin) dependence,* leukemia* or other systemic malignant diseases, tuberculosis,* and other debilitating diseases.

(1) Collect all tissues that appear to be infected. (2) Request fungal cultures. (3) Request Grocott's methenamine silver or PAS stain, or both (p. 172). (4) No special precautions are indicated. (5) Serologic studies are available from many reference laboratories (p. 135). (6) This is not a reportable disease.

Canal, Complete Atrioventricular (See "Defect, complete atrioventricular septal.")

Organs and Tissues


Possible or Expected Findings

External examination

Prepare sections of skin. For special stains,

Intertrigo. Nail destruction may occur

and skin

see above under "Note."

without skin involvement.

Oral cavity

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