Bouins Fixative

1. Indications. May serve as a general-purpose fixative but proper use is time-consuming. Excellent for subsequent trichrome staining. Glycogen is retained. Erythrocytes are lysed. Excellent for histologic demonstration of pulmonary edema fluid. Recommended for immunohisto-chemical studies (see below).

2. Composition. Stock solution: 750 mL saturated aqueous picric acid, 250 mL formaldehyde solution (36-40%).

Preparation of aqueous picric acid for stock solution: 20 g picric acid (trinitrophenol, USP), 1,000 mL distilled water.

Heat until picric acid dissolves. Cool and decant super-nate. Prepare fixative just before use, by mixing: 95 mL stock solution, 5 mL glacial (99.7%) acetic acid.

3. Procedure. Fix slices not thicker than 3-5 mm. If the tissue is very soft, thin slices can be cut from larger pieces after about 2 hours of fixation. The fixation must be completed in 12-24 h. Transfer to 50% ethyl alcohol for another 6-24 h. The alcohol should be changed when it becomes yellow.

4. Storage. Fixed tissue should be stored in 70% alcohol.

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