Bone Marrow Preparations

SECTIONS Sections from sternum, ribs, vertebrae, and iliac crest usually show abundant red bone marrow. In the presence of hematologic disorders, femoral bone marrow should be included. Good fixation is essential; for instance, in B-5 fixative (Chapter 14).

Excellent bone marrow preparations can be made by injecting, shortly after death, B-5 or another suitable fixative into the bone marrow that was selected for later study. The fixative is injected slowly, preferably from two or more sites so as to avoid mechanical damage of the marrow by the fixative.

Exposure to decalcifying agents should be kept to a minimum by careful end-point determination (see below) or can even be avoided altogether if marrow can be squeezed out from cancellous bone fragments. Such fragments can be dug out, with a sturdy knife, from the vertebral bodies or sternum. Marrow also can be squeezed from ribs with a pair of pliers.

SMEARS Smear preparations or imprints of bone marrow, spleen, or lymph nodes should be prepared within 3 h after death although cellular detail on occasion is retained up to 15 h. We use a stronger solution of Wright's stain (0.6%) than is ordinarily used. Smears are made in the usual way.

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