William L Maurice

Department of Psychiatry, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Sexual Desire Differences in Men and Women 69

Case Study 70

"Normal" Sexual Desire for Men 72

Classification 73

General Sexual Issues 73

Sexual Desire Disorders 74

Subtypes of HSDD 74

Lifelong and Situational 76

Case study 76

Acquired and Generalized 77

Case study 77

Epidemiology 78

Assessment 80

History 80

Physical Examination 82

Laboratory Examination 83

Hormones 83

Testosterone (T) 83

Components and Measurement (21) 83

Normal Aging Changes in the Quantity 84

Origin, Production, and Control 85

Actions 86

Effects on Sexuality 86

Changes in Effects with Age 87


Prolactin 87

Etiology 88

Theoretical Perspectives: Biological, Psychological, and Social 88

Intimacy Difficulty 89

Endocrine Abnormalities 89 Presence of Another Sexual or Gender Disorder in a Patient or Partner 89

Sexual Dysfunctions 89

Sexual Difficulties in a Partner 90

Case Study 90

Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) 91

Paraphilias (PAs) and Paraphilia-Related Disorders (PRDs) 91

Case Study 91

Medical Disorders 91

General Comments 91

Cardiovascular Diseases (22) 92

Cancers 92

Epilepsy 92

Genetic Disorders 92

Testicular Disease 92 Secondary Hypogonadism (Resulting from

Hypothalamic-Pituitary Disorders) 92

Endocrine Disorders 92

Multisystem Disease 92

Psychiatric Disorders 93

Major Depression 93

Bipolar Disorder 93

Schizophrenia 93

Anxiety Disorders 93

Drugs 93

General Comments 93

Antipsychotics 94

Antianxiety Agents 94

Antidepressants 94

Mood Stabilizers 94

Drugs Used in Urological Practice 94

Cardiovascular Drugs 95

Cancer Chemotherapy Drugs 95

Anticonvulsant Drugs 95

"Recreational" Drugs 95

Drugs Used in Gastrointestinal Practice 96

Madonna/Prostitute Syndrome 96

1ll Partner 96

Case Study 96

Relationship Discord 97

Psychosocial Issues 97

Age-Related Hypogonadal Syndrome: (Andropause/ADAM/PADAM) 97

Terminology and Definitions 97

Diagnosis 98

Etiology 99

Treatment 99

General Considerations 99

Psychotherapy 100

Drugs 101

Testosterone 102

Follow-up Investigation 102

Age-Related Hypogonadal Syndrome (Andropause/ADAM/ PADAM)

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT): General and Adverse Effects (24) Hyperprolactinemia Drug-Induced Diminished Desire Summary and Conclusions References

The problem is that God gives men a brain and a penis, and only enough blood to run one at a time.

Robin Williams

Why are men interested in sexual contact? I find sex... the desire to have sex... a nuisance. I'd rather read a book or listen to music.

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