Use of Questionnaires

The use of questionnaires, such as the International Inventory of Erectile Function (IIEF), are sometimes of relevance, and are a useful way of measuring improvement over time (18). The IIEF is a self-report tool that has been used in the clinical trials to assess the response of a subject to oral treatments for ED. It comprises 15 questions which cover five key areas of sexual function in men: erectile function; intercourse satisfaction; orgasmic function; sexual desire; and overall satisfaction. The two key questions in relation to the studies on ED are question 3 which asks about the ability to achieve an erection sufficient for penetration—"When you attempted intercourse, how often were you able to penetrate (enter) your partner?"—and question 4 which asks about the ability to maintain the erection long enough for satisfactory intercourse—"During sexual intercourse, how often were you able to maintain your erection after you had penetrated (entered) your partner?" Other questionnaires have been used in research. Some, like the IIEF, have been validated and found to have a high degree of sensitivity and specificity (19).

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