The Multidimensional View

According to this vision the two categories of sexual pain disorders, dyspareunia and vaginismus, are heterogenous, multisystemic, and multifactorial disorders that should not be characterized as simply a "disorder of the pelvic floor" or as a "pain problems" or as a "vestibulum problem" or as a "psychological problem." From this point of view for treatment, an integrated approach is recommended (2).

Specific attention is needed for six areas: the mucous membrane, the pelvic floor, the experienced pain, sex and partner therapy, the emotional profile, and the genital mutilation/sexual abuse.

In this vision, there is no "one size fits all" approach and no or-or approach but an and -and approach. The treatment should be individualized to each women, after carefully listening to her story and after she has been well informed about the disease and its natural course and about possible treatments or ways of handling it: care made to measure. It is up to the woman and her partner to decide which treatment they wish to embark on.

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