Stephanie Both

Leiden University Medical Centre, Leiden, The Netherlands and University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"The Maiden must be Kissed into a Woman" 124

Review of Current Status of Knowledge 127

Epidemiology 127

Anatomy and Physiology 127

Clitoris and Surrounding Erectile Tissue 127

The Anterior Vaginal Wall 128

Central Nervous System and Spinal Chord Pathways 129

Diagnosing FSAD 129 Is Absent or Impaired Genital Responsiveness a Valid Diagnostic

Criterion? 132

Diagnostic Procedures 134

Activation and Regulation of Sexual Response 136

Processing of Sexual Information 136

Sexual Feelings 138

Gender Differences in Sexual Feelings 140

What is a Sexual Dysfunction? 141

"The part on the history of women's sexuality has previously been published in Everaerd W, Laan E, Both S, van der Velde J. Female Sexuality. In: Szuchman LT, Muscarella F, eds. Psychological Perspectives on Human Sexuality. New York: John Wiley & Sons, 2000:101-146.



Recommendations for Clinical Practice

Psychological Treatments


Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors



Dopamine Agonists


146 146

147 147

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