In addition to hormones, many other changes take place in male physiology which contribute to the aging process. One nonsexual example that is cited for the purpose of providing perspective, is the multiple factors which are associated with diminished bone mass and which include: low estradiol (E2), vitamin D deficiency, low GH, low T, poor nutrition, smoking, certain medications, excess alcohol, inactivity, lack of exercise, poor calcium intake, genetic predisposition, and certain illnesses.

Staying Young

Staying Young

Discover The Secrets To Staying Young Forever. Discover How To Hinder The Aging Process On Your Body And In Your Life. Do you feel left out when it comes to trying to look young and keeping up with other people your age? Do you feel as though your body has been run down like an old vehicle on its last legs? Those feelings that you have not only affect you physically, but they can also affect you mentally. Thats not good.

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