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Sayonara Sciatica System Summary

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Intraarticular Central Compartment

Tionship between topographic landmarks and the joint. Slight flexion may relax the capsule, but excessive flexion should be avoided, as this places undue tension on the sciatic nerve and may block access for the anterior portal. Approximately 50 pounds of force is typically needed to distract the joint. In general, the goal is to use the minimal force necessary to achieve adequate

Results And Complications

In the group with cancer pain, pain control was obtained in 139 patients (96.5 initial success rate). Pain relief was obtained selectively in 79.2 and nonselectively in 20.8 of cases. Bilateral selective cordotomy was performed on 10 patients with intractable pain in the lower trunk and lower extremities, with achievement of pain control in nine of them (90 initial success rate). Computed tomographic-guided PC was performed in seven patients who had some form of intractable pain originating from benign pathological states, such as painful rhizopathy after disc surgery, gunshot, sciatic nerve injury, and spinal cord injuries. Complete pain control was obtained in four patients, partial pain control in two, and the procedure was ineffective for one patient with C5 root avulsion. Overall, short-term complications included transient paresis in five cases (3.4 ) and transient ataxia in five cases (3.4 ). Postcordotomy hypotension was observed in three patients (two of which were...

Spinal Nerve Injuries

Degenerative changes may compress an intervertebral disk in the lumbar region, producing sciatica, which causes pain in the lower back and gluteal region that can radiate to the thigh, calf, ankle, and foot. Sciatica is most common in middle-aged people, particularly distance runners. It usually compresses spinal nerve roots between L2 and S1, some of which contain fibers of the sciatic nerve. Rest, drugs, or surgery are used to treat sciatica.

Radiologic Evaluation And Modality Overview

Piriformis Muscle Radiology

Twenty-two-year-old college runner with piriformis syndrome received good relief with a CT-guided intramuscular lidocaine injection of the piriformis muscle and perineural injection of sciatic nerve with anesthetic and steroid. In this image the needle is within the piriformis muscle (black arrow), but was subsequently advanced for additional perineural injection of the sciatic nerve at the site of potential impingement (white arrow). (From Armfield DR. Clinical evaluation of the hip radiologic evaluation. Oper Tech Orthop 2005 15(3) 182-90, with permission.) Fig. 5. Twenty-two-year-old college runner with piriformis syndrome received good relief with a CT-guided intramuscular lidocaine injection of the piriformis muscle and perineural injection of sciatic nerve with anesthetic and steroid. In this image the needle is within the piriformis muscle (black arrow), but was subsequently advanced for additional perineural injection of the sciatic nerve at the site of potential...

Etiology Of Personality Disorders

The diathesis-stress model explains how we each have a certain threshold of biological and psychological vulnerability that when surpassed will result in symptom expression (Monroe & Simons, 1991). For example, when the level of stress in some individuals reaches a certain level they may develop lower back pain, while others may be subject to gastrointestinal disturbance. The most vulnerable bio-psychological systems will be the channel for anxiety. These biopsychosocial systems are genetically determined to some degree. All people have a diathesis, or a genetically predisposed vulnerability, in one area or another. Some people have very hearty, euthymic temperaments, maintaining positive moods in bleak situations, while others tend more toward dysthymia. Some have a genetic predisposition to bipolar-affective or schizophrenic spectrum disorders. This model is very helpful in understanding and predicting how a schizophrenic illness may be precipitated in an individual, when stress and...

Clinical Presentation

Adenomatous polyps are usually asymptomatic, but large villous adenomas in the rectum may illicit an alteration in bowel habit, mucus per rectum (may cause pruritis ani), tenesmus (a sensation of incomplete evacuation) and electrolyte loss (particularly potassium). Colorectal carcinoma is usually asymptomatic early in its existence and later may present with non-specific symptomatology such as an alteration in bowel habit, mucus PR, abdominal mass or discomfort and PR bleeding (may be occult and can lead to iron deficiency anaemia). As a rule the more proximal the tumour the darker the blood. Tumours in the right colon are more likely to be ulcerated and so tend to present with PR bleeding, whereas tumours of the left colon are often constrictive and present with obstruction - this is compounded by the fact that the faecal material is more solid in the distal colon. Perforation may occur either through the tumour itself or distant and proximal to it due to obstruction and back...

Selection Of Tissue Blocks For Histologic Examination

In cases in which detailed clinical studies were performed on the peripheral nervous system, the affected nerves should be sampled at autopsy. When incisions are made in the extremities for sampling of muscles, as described in the next section, the nerves innervating them can be removed conveniently. In a diffuse neuropathic condition, one may select the sciatic nerve and its distal ramifications for detailed studies. To this end, the body is turned over and an incision is made in the back of the thigh to free the sciatic nerve, which has been severed previously at its pelvic exit. The incision may be extended caudally to allow the removal of the peroneal and tibial nerves in the leg. More conservatively, a 15-cm longitudinal incision in the popliteal region exposes these nerves at their bifurcation. The arteries in the vicinity must not be lacerated, as this would interfere with the embalming procedure. To assist the embalmer, we have also removed the sciatic nerve by incising the...

Lumbosacral Plexuses

The sciatic nerves are the largest and longest nerves in the body. They pass downward into the buttocks and descend into the thighs, where they divide into tibial and common peroneal nerves. The many branches of these nerves supply muscles and skin in the thighs, legs, and feet.

Horse chestnut

Historical note The horse chestnut tree is commonly found in ornamental gardens throughout Europe, growing up to 35 metres in height. The seeds are not edible due to the presence of alkaloid saponins, but both the dried seeds and bark of the horse chestnut tree have been used medicinally since the 1 6th century. The seeds are also used for the children's game 'conkers' and were used to produce acetone during World Wars I and II. In modern times, a dry extract referred to as horse chestnut seed extract (HCSE) is standardised to contain 1 6-21 triterpene glycosides (anhydrous escin). HCSE has been extensively researched for its beneficial effects and is commonly used by general practitioners in Germany for the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency. Homoeopathic preparations of both the leaf and seed are also used for treating haemorrhoids, lower back pain, and varicose veins and the buds and flower are used to make the Bach flower remedies chestnut bud and white chestnut. The active...

Back Pain

Several double-blind studies have reported benefit with devil's claw in people with back pain. A double-blind study of 117 people with back pain reported decreased pain and improved mobility after 8 weeks' treatment with devil's claw extract LI 174, known commercially as Rivoltan (Laudahn & Walper 2001). Use of the same extract provided significant pain relief after 4 weeks in another randomised, double-blind placebo-controlled study of 63 subjects with muscle stiffness (Gobel et al 2001). Similar results were reported in two double-blind studies of 118 people (Chrubasik et al 1996) and 197 people (Chrubasik et al 1999) with chronic lower back pain. from that study who were all given devil's claw for 1 year found that it was well tolerated and improvements were sustained (Chrubasik et al 2005). In an open, prospective study, an unspecific lower back pain treatment with Harpagophytum extract and conventional therapy were found to be equally effective (Schmidt et al 2005).

Drug Allergies

Opioids can frequently cause constipation and postoperative ileus the elderly patient is at the highest risk of developing these symptoms. If left untreated, constipation frequently can exacerbate lower back pain and discomfort from abdominal distention. Therefore, constipation and ileus need to be managed concurrently with the use of opioid analgesics to avoid stool impaction. Early mobilization after an injury is an important therapy in the elderly population to prevent constipation and reduce the risk for developing venous thrombosis.


The side effects of intramuscular administration include pain, elevation of serum creatine phosphokinase as a result of trauma, and often sciatic nerve damage following gluteal injections. Other complications include skin pigmentation, hemorrhage, septic or sterile abscesses, cellulitis, muscular fibrosis, tissue necrosis, and gangrene.

And goats AND mice

Were generally 100 percent successful, while the figure was around 25 percent in sheep. Their experiments showed that large quantities of the infectious agent were present in the brain and in the nearby pituitary gland, and somewhat smaller quantities in the cerebrospinal fluid, the sciatic nerve, and the adrenal and salivary glands. Very small quantities were found in muscle tissue, but it could not be detected in the blood or the urine. The infectious agent, therefore, was not confined to the nervous system the only tissues in which lesions had been observed.

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