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Tinea Pedis

Under double-blind, randomised test conditions 104 subjects with tinea pedis (athlete's foot) used 10 w w tea tree oil cream or 1 tolnaftate or placebo creams as treatment (Tong et al 1992). In this study, significantly more tolnaftate-treated patients (85 ) than tea tree oil (30 ) and placebo-treated (21 ) patients showed conversion to negative culture at the end of therapy. However, tea tree oil cream reduced symptoms as effectively as tolnaftate 1 . A more recent randomised, double-blinded, controlled study by the same group used a higher concentration of tea tree oil (25 and 50 ) for the treatment of interdigitaI tinea pedis in 1 58 patients over 4 weeks (Satchell et al 2002a). In the 50 tea tree oil group 68 of patients had a significant response and 64 achieved negative mycology. In the 25 tea tree group, 72 of patients responded and 50 were cured. The placebo responder rates were 39 and 31 respectively, with 3 of patients using tea tree developing dermatitis.

Superficial Dermatophyte Infection

The oil of bitter orange (C. aurantium var. amara) was an effective topical treatment in treatment-resistant superficial dermatophyte infection according to a study of 60 patients (Ramadan et al 1996). Patients with tinea corporis, cruris or pedis were treated with one of three treatments based on oil of bitter orange and cure was assessed by clinical and mycological examinations. One group used a 25 emulsion of oil three times daily, the second group used 20 oil in alcohol three times daily and the third group applied pure oil once daily. Treatment with the 25 oil emulsion was most successful and resulted in 80 of patients being cured after 1-2 weeks and 20 in 2-3 weeks. The group using the 20 oil in alcohol preparation also experienced substantial cure rates, but it took longer to achieve. Application of the undiluted oil successfully cured 33 of subjects within the first week, 60 within 1-2 weeks and 7 in 2-3 weeks. The only side-effect reported was mild irritation when the...

Antimicrobial Activity

Data is also available suggesting efficacy of topical garlic on fungal infections. For tinea pedis, 1-week topical treatment with ajoene 1 twice daily resulted in mycological cure 60 days later in 100 of patients, compared to 94 for 1 topical terbinafine and 72 for 0.6 topical ajoene (43). Another study showed that 0.6 topical ajoene was as effective as 1 terbinafine cream, both applied twice daily for 1 week, for the treatment of tinea cruris and corposis. After 60 days, effectiveness (clinical plus myco-logical cure) was 73 vs 71 , respectively (44). In addition, a 0.4 cream was also shown to be effective (45). Although a topical preparation is not available commercially, it could likely be compounded.

Diagnosis And Treatment The Infectious Etiologies

Fungal drainage can be a difficult condition to treat. Again, good aural care is crucial in treating these infections. With a mild fungal infection, acidification of the ear canal with an acid-based eardrop can be effective, but the drop can cause pain in the patient. Filling the ear canal with an antifungal cream, such as clotrimizole, often can be effective. Due to the need to completely fill the canal with the cream, reapplication should be done in the clinic, and patients often will require several applications over a two-week period to gain control over the fungal infection.

Significance to humans

Very few insectivores are labeled as pests. Poultry farmers are not fond of hedgehogs that readily eat eggs and chickens. Ticks, mites, and fleas thrive on hedgehogs and these mammals are also known to carry and transmit ringworm, influenza, yellow fever, Salmonella eteritidis, leptospirosis, and foot and mouth disease. While some insectivores have rodent-like habits when it comes to humans, i.e., noisy, smelly, intrusive, and destructive, they make up for it by destroying insects and even the real rodent pests. Several mole species are not very popular with gardeners because of the damage they can cause with their tunnels.


Tinea pedis, tinea corporis, tinea cruris A trial comparing the effects of three different strengths of ajoene cream (0.4 , 0.6 and 1 ) with 1 terbinafine applied twice daily found the cure rate to be 72 for 0.6 ajoene, 100 for 1 ajoene, and 94 for 1 terbinafine after 60 days (Ledezma et al 2000). Vaginitis Taken internally as a 'natural antibiotic' or applied topically in a cream base, garlic is used to treat vaginitis. The considerable antibacterial activity of garlic provides a theoretical basis for its use in this condition, but controlled studies are not available to determine effectiveness.

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