Quantum Vision Eye Exercises Review

Quantum Vision System

I first began wearing glasses when I was in the fourth grade and when I was in the seventh grade I graduated to contact lenses; I am nearsighted and though I only needed glasses to see the chalkboard in elementary school, my vision has decreased so much that I now need either lenses or glasses to see anything clearly more than a foot or so in front of my face. My vision problem has become increasingly frustrating for me over the years. I constantly have dry eyes from the lenses, can’t seem to find my glasses when I take out my lenses, rip lenses when I have no backups at the most inconvenient times – the list could go on and on. I tried speaking with my eye doctor about Lasik but I am not a candidate as my prescription changes annually.

When I first heard of the Quantum Vision System, I was skeptical; I wondered why this was not being explained to me or recommended to me by my eye doctor. As I read through the program, however, everything began making sense. Quantum Vision discusses life habits that are detrimental to a person’s eye health and as I read through that list, I am guilty of almost all of them. I was an avid reader as a child so it makes perfect sense my eye problems started there and as I grew and spent more time on computers and cell phones my vision only decreased more. I’ve never heard that contacts and glasses can actually further harm your vision but as I read through the negative affects they have on your vision (not to mention the problems that people experience when using them), I became even more frustrated. Even Lasik won’t help!

Furthermore, it was never explained to me that the time of day could affect my vision results. I’ve always scheduled eye exams in the early evening, after a full day of working in front of a computer screen. It wasn’t until I began participating in the program that I learned that greatly affected the prescription I was given. Quantum Vision explained that a person’s eyes constantly adjust but when the person is wearing glasses he is forced to adjust to the degrade to the vision level of the glasses. Therefore, I spent an entire day staring at a computer screen and having my vision degraded before going in for an eye exam – big mistake! Had I gone earlier in the day, my prescription likely would have been different. In this day and age, can we really not find a solution to our vision problems? I was tired of headaches, eyestrain, and being blind as a bat when I was without lenses or glasses.

Despite a voice in the back of my mind telling me it wouldn’t work, I began the eye exercises in the Quantum Vision program – after all, they couldn’t hurt my vision more than my glasses and lenses and lifestyle already were. It took about three weeks for me to notice changes in my vision after using the eye exercises. At first it was little things, like a less severe headache at the end of the day and less trouble switching from contact lenses to glasses. At this point I have been doing the exercises daily for approximately four months and certainly see a difference. I’ve been rigorous in doing the exercises each night before going to bed and doing them without the use of lenses or glasses. I also take more vitamins as explained in the plan, take more breaks without lenses or glasses, and am more aware about the time I spend reading or in front of a computer. I cannot recommend the Quantum Vision program enough! After struggling with eye problems for nearly twenty years, I finally feel like I have found something that works for me.

Quantum Vision System
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