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Prejaculation Ebook

The trouble with most ‘solutions’ to the problem of premature ejaculation is that they’re just a cobbled together collection of random tips, most of which are pretty old and tired out. The advanced guide Prejaculation breaks the mold in that respect. You see, it takes a much more scientific approach to solving the problem, and considering that premature ejaculation is a biological and physiological problem, this can only be a good thing.

And that’s where the Prejaculation guide comes in. This book is truly like the Holy Grail for men who want to improve their sexual endurance and performance. It covers all the angles, from what to eat to increase the volume of your loads, to how to achieve total control over your arousal levels during sex and continue making love for as long as you want!

What do you learn

Well, it’s a step-by-step thing, made really simple to follow and use. No complicated theories or impractical advice, just plain easy to understand info. It contains exercises and routines to strengthen your PC muscle (the thing that controls when you cum), specific advice on which sex positions you should and shouldn’t use and in what order is best, and everything important is illustrated with photos and diagrams to make it even more straightforward to learn and use. It’s like a book you’d find in a bookstore, except only available online (which is perfect really – anonymous, instant download, guaranteed, etc.)

The book covers the following in great detail:

  • How to strengthen and tone your ‘PC muscle’, to give you greater control over when you come, as well as harder, longer lasting erections
  • What to eat and when to eat it to boost your sexual health and encourage blood flow to and from your penis
  • How to use sex positions the expert way, to have sex without stopping and without coming too soon.


Prejaculation covers the subject of premature ejaculation from every angle, starting with the real causes of the problem. The misconceptions and downright falsehoods surrounding the problem are blown out of the water straight away. Then it launches straight into the heart of the subject: how to STOP premature ejaculation and START having sex for as long as you damn well please—and let’s face it, this is what every man wants.

It’s all written clearly and presented in the order in which you need to use the techniques. Plus, it has photos and diagrams to show you everything you need to know in clear way. To put it simply, if you’ve got a problem with not lasting long enough in bed, you can’t go wrong using this scientifically minded instructional book.

If you have a problem with premature ejaculation, or just want to be the very best you can be in bed, check out the eBook at – I haven’t regretted it and neither will you!

Prejaculation Ebook

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