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Creating Scripts For EFT

About The Author

The name of the creator of this product is Joe Williams.

He is a recognized Professional EFT Practitioner for many years now and his work on the subject are popularly known for their quality and depth, and has on many occasions, changed the perception of his users' views on how to use the EFT. He has always made everyone understand that there is no rule on how to perform the EFT, that they only need to do it and see the results.

He has discovered from experience in his bid to help people out of their negative emotional state that the problems that people face are still the same as those that they faced in the past. And also he discovered that a lot of people found it difficult to use the EFT effectively, therefore, he had to figure out a way to help them without tampering with the EFT process. He, therefore, came up with this program to enable everybody from every walk of life to be able to write their scripts without any help.

With his experiences on his journey on overcoming his past negative emotions before he became an EFT practitioner, he came up with a method of scripting whereby anyone with a pen and paper could be taught how to script without knowledge of the EFT.  This method is known as the ‘Pen and Paper Method' of scripting. And as the method worked for him over and over again, he then decided to share this information with everybody. And on sharing it with some of his clients, it yielded instant results as the fear of scripting seemed to instantly fade away.  So with this method, anybody can create their scripts and release in minutes with no knowledge of the EFT.

About The Program

This is a program created by the author that covers the scripting processes, how to go about scripting, what to say, and most importantly makes it easy for anybody to be able to create scripts on any topic and release them.

This program teaches you about EFT creation and the author explains the process he follows to create his personal EFT scripts. With this program, you will be able to learn various tricks on how to use the tools used by the author to enable him to overcome limiting beliefs and negative emotions. With this program, the knowledge of EFT is not needed because you will learn how to script with or without scripting knowledge.

This program aims at teaching you how to script and the first part of this product introduces you to the ‘Pen and Paper Method'  of scripting which forms the core element of this program, and with just this guide, you can begin to create scripts in no time. And the truth about this program is that with jus this first part, the other parts add little or no value to your ability to create personal scripts and release. With this guide alone, you are good to go. This guide tries to put EFT aside as it is irrelevant until the final step and with this, you can consider personal EFT to be a coaster ride for you.

And with the reviews gotten from users all over the world, Joe's method of scripting can be said to have conquered. Why because this method is easy and simple to apply.

Do not forget that the sole purpose of this product is for you to be able to carry out personal scripting; it does not mean you have to become a practitioner. And the only reason this program has been successful is that it has worked for all persons and has simplified the scripting process and made EFT open to all.

Note, therefore, that this program is not a collection of random texts but it is a library of the author's knowledge which he uses daily when helping other people and himself. Therefore you can use the ‘Pen and Paper Method' and add the following steps as described in this product to help you more.

What You Will Find In This Product

In this product, you will find many interesting topics like the Ultimate Guide to creating personal scripts with the ‘‘Pen and Paper Method' ' of scripting. You will also discover how to create personal EFT scripts, which is contained in an 80-page guide; with this, you can put all the tiny pieces together.

Also attached to this product is 90 minutes of additional audio information by the author for you and you will also receive a bonus on how to use EFT, and the art of creating wealth, known as ‘Paving the Road'.

And finally, you will get eleven scripts to releasing blocks to wealth and success which is EFT scripting and releasing ranging for over 60 minutes.


  • From this product, you will learn the simplest way to go about scripting
  • From this program, you will learn how to overcome that scripting anxiety
  • You will learn how to create EFT scripts in just a matter of minutes
  • This program makes scripting very easy and simple like composing a letter

Final Thought

The author of this product has gone through so much effort of figuring out how to make scripting very easy for everybody. This program promises you so much if you partake in it whether you have an idea of EFT or not. I can tell it is easy and very effective and a very easy pathway to EFT scripting.

You might be a little nervous or anxious to learn to script, but with what I see from reviews of this program, you do not have to worry about that but just purchase this product and you will be on your way.

Creating Scripts For EFT
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