Bearded Dragon Secret Manual Review

Bearded Dragon Secret Manual Review

Are you an enthusiast of owning a bearded dragon? Is your bearded dragon bearing some serious abnormalities? What are the mistakes you make unintentionally with your beard dragon? How to communicate with this species and take good care of it?  Are you unable to afford the expenses of it? Do you need a trusted expert advice? Find answers of all the questions in your mind in this valuable review.

About the author of this guide:

Chris Johnson has more than 10 years of experience as a bearded dragon owner and professional breeder. He has interacted with hundreds of bearded dragon owners over these years. After all of his experience with beard dragons, he has become able to choose best habitat and food for them, detect any infant change in their behavior, recognize their delights, breeding techniques and all the secrets of their life cycle. So, He formulated this practical guide after finding answers of all of the questions possessed by these bearded dragon owners by the implementation of the factual tips and techniques on many of the bearded dragons which he has explained deeply in this instructive manual named "Bearded Dragon Secret Manual".

What does it offer?

World famous bearded dragon experts say that:

"93.7% of Bearded Dragon Owners Make One Of These 37 Deadly Mistakes Unintentionally Thus Torturing Their Beloved Bearded Dragons To Death"

Bearded Dragon Secret Manual is a revealing guide for all of those people who are fond of bearded dragons as pets. It's an instruction about proper handling and care of bearded dragons which will save you from vet feed. It covers all the essential material about bearded dragons which include:

  • Identifying techniques of best bearded dragon while buying it from someone like two main varieties of bearded dragons, either it's a male or a female, whether baby or adult is better, reliability of the pet shop you check in, sources to get them for free, age of the bearded dragon by its length, 9 signs of healthy bearded dragon, 17 items that you should check before buying it.
  • Communication techniques or the complex set of body languages to correspond with the bearded dragon like perceiving its several moods, what it means when it continuously grasping its mouth, acknowledging its relationship with other animals by its tail direction, what it means when it waves its arm, 5 body languages to make them learn how to connect with human.
  • Creating an enclosure for them which resembles with their natural habitat that is desert by the selection of the right equipment, 2 ways to save money while buying this stuff, position and size of the cage, amount of heat required by them, amount UVB rays required by them, when to change fluorescent bulbs, less-costly and non-toxic substrate for them, proper decorations of their cage, plants that should never be used in their enclosure, Either indoor or outdoor environment better for them.
  • Caretaking rules for amateur owners like 13 do's and don'ts, how to grab a bearded dragon, why not to kiss it, instruction for children play with it, how to cut its nails, right way to clean its cage, how to give it a proper bath, 9 questions to ask from a vet before hiring him.
  • Election of proper diet for bearded dragon just like vegetables that are safer for its health, what to do when it refuses to drink water, deadly insects which should not be eaten by it, choice of right vitamin supplement, what to feed it when it loses its color.
  • Appropriate tips for breeding of bearded animals like realizing when they approach sexual maturity, a perfect match of male and female bearded dragons, complete information about their breeding seasons, what to feed them during the breeding season, how to take care of hatchlings, and some other.

Why do you need this manual?

Most people who are interested in owning bearded dragons are amateur. They don't have enough knowledge like an expert about the bearded dragons. They fail to take good care of these reptiles which result in unhealthy symptoms like less eating or not eating at all, having difficulty in swallowing, having problem in breathing, looking slender or malnourished, has trouble in drinking water, drowsy or listless, Agitated when held, change in their color, exuviating very little skin, Irregular pooping, aggressiveness in their behavior, having difficulty in opening of eyes, and chipped or broken nails. An average age of a bearded dragon is about 10 years but if they are not given the proper care they die too early.

In this scenario, every person who owns a bearded dragon needs proper guidance. In this manual Chris Johnson provides a phenomenal solution to these problems as he spells out every necessary information about habitat, behavior, food, breeding and whole life cycle of the bearded dragon. He interprets a low budget perfect copy of natural habitat of the bearded dragon by using households and makes easy to buy them in less cost or free by giving many sources hence making it a really affordable species.

Is it made for you?

After a lot of efforts and practical demonstrations, this manual has been designed especially for the people like you who are new in owning pets like bearded dragons and unaware of how to handle them with great care as well as for those who are unable to spend much money in this interest. All the people who read this manual have given great reviews and are much happier now.

This productive manual is directly available on the internet from where it can be downloaded and you can read it offline or take a print out.

Bearded Dragon Secret Manual Review
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