Nonisotopic DNA Sequencing Method

Protocol 1. Preparation of DNA Templates for Sequencing

Purification of Double-Stranded Plasmid DNA by the Alkaline Method

Purification of Single-Stranded DNA Protocol 2. Sequencing Reactions

Method A. Sequencing Reactions for Double-Stranded Plasmid DNA Method B. Sequencing Reactions for Single-Stranded DNA Protocol 3. Preparation of Sequencing Gels

Method A. Pouring the Gel Mixture Horizontally into the Sandwich Method B. Pouring the Gel at an Angle Protocol 4. Electrophoresis

Protocol 5. Transferring DNA from Gel onto a Nylon Membrane Protocol 6. Detection

Method A. Chemiluminescent Detection Method B. Colorimetric Detection Isotopic DNA Sequencing Method The Use of Formamide Gels Extending Sequencing Far from the Primers DNA Sequencing by Primer Walking DNA Sequencing by Unidirectional Deletions Protocol 7. Performing a Series of Deletions of the Linearized DNA with Exonuclease III and Recircularization of DNA with T4 DNA Ligase (Figure 5.3) Direct DNA Sequencing by PCR

Preparation of PCR and Sequencing Reactions RNA Sequencing

Protocol 1. Annealing of Primer and RNA Template Protocol 2. Labeling Reactions Protocol 3. Termination Reaction Troubleshooting Guide References

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