Introduction Proposal 1.

Proposal 2.

Proposal 3.

Proposal 4.

Proposal 5.

Proposal 6. Proposal 7.

Proposal 8.


Identification of New Drug-Targeting Proteins and Isolation of Novel Genes

Exploration of Functions or Roles for the Expression of a Gene Targeted by a New Drug

Verification of Potential Function of a Specific Gene by the Gene Knockout Approach

Identification of the Functional Domain of a Protein by Site-Specific Mutagenesis

Identification of Toxicant-Binding Proteins and Isolation of a Novel Gene Related to the Toxicant and Heart Hypertrophy

Using an Animal Model

Rescue of an Immune-Deficient System via Gene Therapy Discovery of IAA- or GA3-Binding Proteins and Isolation of Novel Genes in Plants

Identification of Novel Proteins, cDNA and Genes Induced or Repressed by a Specific Treatment

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