Internet Resources

Web Sites Applicable to Many Topics

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Dolan DNA Learning Center: A great site with information about DNA and genetic diseases

A particularly good set of animations are found at this site at

Virtual Library of Genetics sponsored by the Department of Energy

Chapter 2

Electronic Scholarly Publishing: This growing resource has one of the best collections of information on the foundation of genetics. There are original papers in genetics, a book on the history of genetics, and a timeline of genetic discoveries put in the context of other historical events.

MendelWeb: An excellent site featuring the original papers of Gregor Mendel and English translations with abundant annotations, explanations of experimental methods, and statistical analyses.

Biology Labs On-Line Free Trial site: This site includes FlyLab, which allows you to cross different mutants of fruitflies

Interactive Punnett Square

Chapter 3

Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man: An official database of human genes and genetic disorders.

Gene Clinics: A publicly funded information resource on genetic diseases.

Center for Disease Control: Official U.S. government site, with information about many diseases and statistics.

Many organizations have Web pages to help individuals affected with genetic diseases:

The National Institutes of Health has an information page on hemochro-matosis.

The American Hemochromatosis Society also maintains a Web page.

Lineages Web site.

Many states have Web sites for their newborn-testing programs. Examples include:

Oregon (also covers Idaho, Nevada, Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, and some military facilities). Wisconsin. Chapter 4

National Center for Biotechnology Information.

Chapter 5

BIOPHARMA—a resource on pharmaceutical products including those made via recombinant DNA technology.

Chapter 6

Food and Drug Administration.

Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research.

International Rice Research Institute.

Chapter 8

Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Chapter 11

U.S. National Germplasm resource Web page.

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