Significance to humans

The regenerative abilities of Dugesia have been studied extensively by scientists to better understand the healing and cell regeneration processes in humans. Several species parasitize commercially important species such as oysters and a few species cause pathological problems in marine ornamental fishes kept in aquaria.

Pseudoceros Anatomy

1. Pseudoceros ferrugineus; 2. Male Kronborgia amphipodicola; 3. Female K. amphipodicola; 4. Paravortex scrobiculariae; 5. Land planarian (Bi-palium pennsylvanicum); 6. Temnocephala chilensis; 7. Oyster leech (Stylochus inimicus); 8. Freshwater planarian (Dugesia tigrina); 9. Notoplana acticola; 10. Bdelloura candida. (Illustration by Marguette Dongvillo)

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