Physical characteristics

Nematomorphs are long, thin, cylindrical worms. Their shape leads many to refer to these worms as hair worms. Gordiid adults can be from 2-118 in (5-300 cm) long and 0.02-0.40 in (0.5-10 mm) thick. The color of gordiids ranges from black and brown to yellow and white depending on sex, and species. Most have a white anterior tip immediately followed by a thin dark band or collar. Nectonematid adults can be up to 11.8 in (300 mm) long and 0.07 in (1.7 mm) in diameter. Most gordiids contain surface ornamentations, areoles, which are made up of raised bumps. The color of nectonematids ranges from grayish white to yellow. Most nematomorph males can be distinguished from females by having a slight inward curving posture of their posterior ends.

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Essentials of Human Physiology

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