No common name

Sagitta setosa



FAMILY Sagittidae


Sagitta setosa Müller, 1847, North Sea.



Individuals have 8-9 hooks, 6-8 anterior teeth, and 10-16 posterior teeth. Maximum adult body length is 0.55 in (14 mm), and the relative tail length is 16-25% of total body size. The body is small, narrow, and transparent. There are two pairs of lateral fins and no fin bridge. Anterior fins are relatively short, completely rayed, and round. Posterior fins are short, completely rayed, and round. The collarette is small or not present, and there are no gut diverticula. Eyes have star-shaped pigment spots. Seminal vesicles are present in the head and trunk, touch the tail fin, and are somewhat separated from the posterior fins. Ovaries are short and ova are small. Recent molecular

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