Ophiuroids are found in all marine habitats. There are burrowing ophiuroids, notably members of the family Amphi-uridae, that live on muddy or sandy sea bottoms, as well as species that live either exposed or cryptic (hidden) on all types of ocean substrates. In addition, some ophiuroids live on or in association with such other organisms as algae, sponges, and corals. Many are filter-feeding species, such as the basket stars that occupy habitats swept by currents. Like echin-oderms in general, ophiuroids cannot tolerate low levels of salt concentration in the water; a few species, however, including Ophiura albida and Ophiophragmus filegranus, can adapt to brackish water and live in estuaries with salt concentrations as low as 10 ppt (ocean water is usually 34-35 ppt).

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